Naval Architect and Marine Engineer – Deck Superintendent

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7. Februar 2023
MSC Cruises
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Naval Architect and Marine Engineer in Marine Operations Department. In charge of all Class related matters for retrofits, lengthening project, scrubber modification, refurbishment, conversion, upgrading Solas and Marpol requirements.Deck Superintendent in Marine Operations Department. In charge of Ship's Deck Equipment monitoring, spare parts and procedures, SMS documentation, deck inspections, hull, and ship's maintenance status.


Naval Architect and Marine Engineer;

  • Dry Docks Superintendent and support, in charge to list the works expected to be done in Dry Dock, to submit the related requests of budget, to perform inspections and acceptance of results;
  • Napa Onboard support and updates;
  • Engineering supports for modification on existing ships, both in operation and in Dry Dock;
  • Charter approval/supports;
  • ERS/SOPEP Drill Evaluation;
  • Drawings' support, updates, modifications;
  • New buildings plan approval, basin tests, and sea trials verifying that ship is designed and built as per highest standards possible and in compliance with Contract and Tech Spec;
  • Naval architecture projects on assignment;

Deck Superintendent;

  • Performs continuous checks and inspections of the assigned Ships to ascertain and maintain the technical status of Ships. Creation of each visit's report to be submitted to the Vice President Deck & Safety/DPA any interested Stakeholders;
  • Creates and check that Standard Procedures in force related to Deck Dept. and their updates are correctly applied;
  • Checks that Monthly SMS Documentation is correctly updated, considering the Ships' Status and reporting to the Vice President Deck & Safety/DPA;
  • Ensures that any Deck Equipment and Mooring Ropes are technically and safely working, that relative maintenance SPs are applied, that any technical problem is duly investigated by Ship's Command or any external party, and to ensure that Vice President Deck & Safety/DPA is informed about;
  • Performs Deck Vessel Inspection (filling the related SMS form) and randomly supervises Ships' Deck Equipment Routine Inspection, reporting to the Vice President Deck & Safety/DPA the outcome and checking any remark will be followed and closed as per agreements between Ship's Command and Deck Superintendent;
  • Ensures that tank cleaning and inspections are done within the expiry date;
  • Reports to Vice President Deck & Safety/DPA the hull status and ship's general steel maintenance regarding hull status, particular attention should be paid to the upper vertical and vertical sides below water, planning with Ship's Command the underwater hull cleaning;
  • Ensures the hotel structures (such as pools, balconies, public pax decks) of all the vessels are kept at high standards while guaranteeing maintenance is planned and carried out successfully;
  • Ensures that on the US/C Ships (if assigned), there are the certified personnel to use/drive the shoreside cherry pickers for hull maintenance, supporting Ship's Command for the planning of embarkation/disembarkation and training of Deck Crew;
  • Carries out checks and inspections to approve Deck Dept monthly requests of material and consumables, keeping under monitoring the annual budget;
  • Presents the annual budget related to Deck


•Good English speaking;

•Italian speaking is highly desirable;

•Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (Master degree);

•Dry Dock experience is highly desirable;

•Shipyard experience and/or naval architect project office and/or repair companies is highly desirable;

•Good pc skills, with good use of Autocad;


•Right to work in the UK;

•Able to travel Worldwide;

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