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10. Juni 2024
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A large and well-known cruise line is looking for Sound Technicians to join the team. You will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all aspects of the sound systems in entertainment venues aboard the ship for a variety of events and activities. 


  • Operates and maintains all aspects of the sound system(s) in various entertainment venues for rehearsals, shows, special events and other activities, including some group functions and charters.
  • This person is also responsible to assist with and oversee the set up, positioning and strike of microphones, audio snakes and cables, headphone amplifiers, stage monitors and other equipment for all applicable rehearsals, performances, events and activities along with its care and storage.
  • Meet with guest entertainers and certain groups to find out what their audio-related requirements may be for upcoming rehearsals, shows or activities.
  • Maintains the artistic standards and intentions of the Producer, Director and Technical Designer for the production shows. Prior to making any edits to the audio or show control systems, the production studio should be contacted for approval.
  • See that all audio equipment is properly maintained and kept in good working order, and work with the head sound and light technician to see that any audio equipment which malfunctions or fails is repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
  • Sees that regular maintenance procedures are carried out in accordance with the scheduled maintenance in AMOS.
  • Creates new show tapes every 6 months (DA-88, etc) and ensures masters are kept safely and labeled properly.
  • Works with the head sound and light technician to ensure that there is a stock of spare speaker drivers onboard for any drivers that tend to fail on a regular basis. As speaker drivers fail, they should be replaced with a spare from this stock.
  • Work with the stage and production manager and the head sound and light technician to ensure that spare batteries are kept in stock for all applicable equipment which is used on a regular basis.
  • Should strive to ensure that the quality of all entertainment technical equipment is kept up to the ship’s original design standards or better.
  • Notify the head sound and light technician of any problems or issues with the sound system(s) so this information may be added to the technical report for the week.
  • Makes certain that all e-mail correspondence concerning shipboard matters are sent using the ship's Lotus Notes accounts. Should also see that the Cruise Director, SPMs and the shoreside support team are copied, and that the shoreside technical support team is copied on all e-mails sent from the ship regarding technical needs or equipment.
  • Consults with the shoreside Fleet Technical Operations Specialist before planning or undertaking any large sound or lighting equipment installations or projects, or before making any larger equipment purchases.
  • Work with the head sound and light technician to see that a complete set of updated schematics and drawings for the sound systems in each entertainment venue are readily accessible, updated, and that all sound equipment racks are properly labeled as to which circuit breaker feeds each equipment rack, which speakers are powered by each amplifier and processor in the rack, etc for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. In all racks all cables should be labeled as to where they connect.
  • Attend any and all training, meetings, classes or courses as required.
  • Develop hand-over notes at the end of each contract to be approved by your manager as per SQM guidelines. Notes should be divided into 1)Systems operations by room and 2) Activities cue by cue.


  • Education from a technical school preferred.
  • Have experience and a solid background in live sound reinforcement. Experience in musical theater is preferred.
  • Be proficient in the operation of analog sound consoles such as those manufactured by Yamaha, Crest, and Mackie, analog gear such as compressors, limiters, noise gates, graphic and parametric equalizers, and effects processors such as those manufactured by Lexicon, T.C. Electronics, Eventide, and Yamaha.
  • Be proficient in programming and operation of digital mixers such as those from Yamaha, Euphonix and DiGiCo.
  • Must be skilled at all aspects of live audio from microphone and monitor placement to front of house and monitor mixing.
  • · Must be able to do basic troubleshooting and basic, routine maintenance on many types of audio gear including amplifiers, consoles, outboard audio gear, and be able to detect and replace blown speaker drivers.
  • · Have a good working knowledge of “backline gear” such as guitar, keyboard and bass guitar amplifiers.
  • · Must be familiar the operation of several types of recording and/or playback devices and formats including CD, multitrack, MP3 and digital multitrack.
  • · Working knowledge of computers and programs such as Windows XP is helpful, as is experience with DSP units such as Soundweb, Media Matrix and units by Rane.
  • · Must be able to work well with others. This is essential, as you will be working with a team of technicians, and you’ll be working with a cast of singers and dancers as well as featured entertainers on a regular basis.
  • · Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests.
  • · Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers.
  • · Ability to speak additional languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or German preferred. Language testing may be requested.
  • · Should be able to read and interpret equipment manuals, operations manuals, memos, technical procedures and necessary rules and regulations. Should be able to effectively present information and respond to questions from Royal Caribbean employees and guests.


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