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River Advice


River Advice (formarly FleetPro) is the leading independent manager of river passenger ships worldwide.

The expertise of managing and operating river passenger cruise vessels provides excellent benefits for our clients. Clients will benefit from having larger purchasing power and professional expertise.

River Advice provides comprehensive services tailored to the needs of each vessel, ship owner or charterer, while specializing in the smaller ship sector of the industry.

River Advice manages and operates a fleet of about 45 passenger cruise ships under a combination of nautical, technical, hotel and catering management services. These services include everything from planning, financing, and supervising new ship constructions and refurbishments, to handling port services, vessel sales and chartering activities. River Advice can also provide insurance handling for all vessels.

River Advice does not compete with its clients in the ownership of vessels, or with their charterers in the sale and marketing of cruises.

River Advice offers hundreds of career opportunities for those who seek to be a part of a professional company. Whether you seek land based employment in an administrative role or you’re interested in employment onboard a rivergoing vessel, an exciting and fulfilling career awaits you. At River Advice we place a high value on service and professionalism, ensuring that our clients and passengers feel like they are always receiving the best treatment.

If you’re interested in an unforgettable job experience that can lead to a successful future with River Advice, please take a look at all the available positions listed on the Careers page under Speculative Applications. Here you’ll find a list of most of the positions available onboard any one of our river passenger ships. Each position lists the basic qualifications and responsibilities for the role. We look forward to getting to know you!

    Es gibt zur Zeit keine aktuellen Kreuzfahrtschiff Jobs von River Advice.

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